Steve M-G
An artist with a hard candy design shell.


Printable Silk Organza is a No...

About a year ago I was looking for a substrate to include in my encaustic explorations. I tried a number of papers; from japanese silk tissue to very translucent vellum. During my research I discovered an easy to get and print on material: Ink Jet printable Silk Organza.

It came in 8.5x11 sheets adhered to backing that was easy to peel off. It was (is) great and easy to work with, just print and peel. The texture was like fine mesh used in silk-screens. Really literally it is a fine silk screen. 

The results were extremely promising. I could stack multiple layers and the almost transparent fabric would disappear into the wax. Unfortunately one thing I began to run into more and more was that the medium would sometimes seemingly float under the mesh creating bubble like structures and warping the image. In addition the screen would sometimes be at the top of the painting creating pockets of a canvas like look. 

Today...TODAY! argghhh...was the final straw. I decided to rework the edges of a completed painting and I noticed a small ding on the surface. I applied the heat gun and like "magic:" bubbles and waves. NOOOOOO! Then in a fit of brilliance I thought, "Wait, I can just poke a hole in that area and release some medium. Instead when I used the heat gun it burned the silk. DAMMIT. Eventually I just had to peel that whole layer off. Right then I declared to the heavens: SILK ORGANZA YOU'RE OUT! It's surf paper for me...


Stay tuned.