Steve M-G
An artist with a hard candy design shell.



Who I Am

Being creative, whether it’s print, web, or mobile is what I love, and solving the design problems they present are the icing on the cake. The challenge of visuals and structure, how a user interacts with them, and the possibility of creating a unique helpful experience are why I continue to love design. My role is not to only create a series of attractive buttons or boxes, but to understand and solve for the needs of my client and their customers.

The bulk of my design day jobs have been in the mobile industry. Being in the middle of the evolution of mobile design; from feature phones, WAP pages and Portals, to the dynamic world of iOS and Android app development has been amazing. Accordingly a significant part of my work life is understanding the shifting landscape of mobile design, the impact of devices (new and old), and OS’s (older and upcoming) will have on user experiences.

I'm Here to Help

Outside of my current full-time employment, I have been hired to work on independent creative projects. These include a combination  of identity, print materials, and site design. I really enjoy being a quality design resource for clients that might not necessarily have the funds for an agency. Because this might be the first time they have worked with a professional designer, I have the added responsibility of not only providing a great service, but also to be an ambassador for quality design.

How I Do It

Like most designers I use a set of tools, skills, and platforms to execute my profession. Primarily I use:

  • The Adobe suite of products, mostly Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Sketch

  • CSS

  • Wordpress

  • Layout, Color, and Type skills

  • Identity creation

  • Mobile UX-UI Design

  • Brand management

What & Where

Current Employer: Avanade
Sr Cons, UX Design
September 2016
Primary Duty: UX Design

Senior User Experience Designer
April 2007 – June 2016
Primary Duties: UX/UI, Visual Design, focused on Mobile.

Filter Talent/Infospace Mobile/Motricity
Contract Designer
July 2006 – March 2007
Primary Duty: Visual Design for WAP and other related mobile assets.

Dijji / Dwango
April 2005 – June 2006
Primary Duty: Image asset creation and management. License media for mobile use.




Steve McMahon-Grace

Seattle, Washington

+1 206 395 4139