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New Designs! Political!

Last weekend (Jan 22nd) people around the country came out and March for Women in the US. Here in Seattle we had an easy 100,000 + folks march from Judkins Park to the International District and through Downtown to Seattle Center. There were lots of great signs and posters and one that my Sister-In-Law's friend designed, that inspired me: the Rebel Alliance symbol with Princess Leia's hand raised up in a fist. Two of the designs are direct responses to that, the third is just to throw a little gas on the fire. Update:! I was hoping you could buy all three as shirts, mugs, and stickers from my store at Design By Humans

Unfortunately all the Leia designs were pulled: violation of IP. Plus it doesn't help that DBH is a seller of official Star Wars®️
shirts and more. I even tried making it more of a silhouette. Also just to cross my t's and dot my i's: I don't own or claim to own any rights to Star Wars or Lucasfilm or Disney properties. 

I have some other ideas for shirts in our fun new politically charged presidency! Stay tuned!

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