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My opinion and critique of the design world we live in.  

Redlines begone...for now

I'm currently on project where I'm designing several "dashboards" that represent a wide range financial data for a complex sales and usage ecosystem. While my primary design chops are in mobile ux/ui, I have been put on more and more web focused design jobs. In my previous 10 years of design the dreaded Redlines (or as I do it: Mangenta) have been a regular part of my job. 

In the last year of using Sketch as my primary design tool, there have been a number of great add-on tools that can help alleviate the requirement of building redlines. They aren't perfect but they get more powerful with every iteration.

This current project has been redline free. Let me just type it again: Redline Free! I have been lucky enough to work with folks that just build off my mockups and then live revise. The advantage of this can't be overstated. Faster prototyping, more engagement with the client, and faster updates to the project. 

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in a situation as a designer to sit with your BED and FED's, and they are comfortable interpreting your designs: enjoy it!